Associate professor at UVSQ
Hold an industrial excelence chair about hydraulic domestication. Humboldtian Fellow.

Dr. Samer Alfayad

This axe presents a control strategy for walking of biped robot based on energetic approach. Our aim is to be able, in real-time, to predict the length of the next step that should the biped execute according to known (measured) state in the previous step and some desired global parameters (i.e. the biped average velocity). The new approach presented takes benefit from a formulation of energy exchanges using the average values of all energies contributing during dynamic bipedal walking. We develop a model to take into account kinetic and propulsion(provided by the rear leg) energies as well as the energy lost during the impact of the front leg. We achieve a recursive formulation in order to predict the energy behavior of the biped robot for the next step. This leads to an analytical and concise expression suitable for real-time application. We show that the same formulation is convenient either for flat terrain or crossing over obstacles in the sagittal plane. Hence, we are able, in both cases, to determine the next step length required to ensure the desired average velocity. We validate the proposed approach through an ADAMS simulation of a planar robot in the sagittal plane.

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