Associate professor at UVSQ
Hold an industrial excelence chair about hydraulic domestication. Humboldtian Fellow.

Dr. Samer Alfayad

  • Mechatronic design of robots dedicated for healthcare applications (Humanoid robot, Eexoscolten):  new and inovative mecanismes, danamic/ knimatic models are some of the main points to satisfy requirements of health care applications.  Power/mass ratios, compactness, compliance are other needed constraints to guaranty  safe Human-Humanoid interactions.
  • Integrated Elctro-Hydrolic Actuation technology aims to produce hydraulic power independly for each joint of the robotic system. This solution allows joints to merge  the adventages of both electric and hydraulic  actuations by producing easily high torque for joint axis output, optimizing the use of the available volume, optimizing the pressure for every joint in multi-joints system, avoiding hydraulic tubes through joints, Give the  possibility of power exchange between neighboring actuators.
  • High level control for humanoid robots, based on the average robot's energies conservation mathematechal modele can be developed relating the average mass center speed, the step length and prupolsive force of the rear leg. This help the robot optimize his next stpe's length to achive the needed average speed using the minimum pruporsive force.


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